Thursday, 4 March 2010

Customizing TS Web Access


Recently I have seen several questions on the Microsoft Forums regarding customizing TS Web Access page. One of the things that people want to know is how to hardcode Terminal Services Server’s IP address into the “Connect to:” field on the TS Web Access page. Another question is how to set the default Remote Desktop Size on the TS Web Access page.

How to hardcode Terminal Server’s IP address on the TS Web Access Page.

1) Open the IIS console on the server hosting your TS Web Access and navigate to the TS website. Inside the website right click on the folder with your language pack (in my case it is en-US) and go to Explore.

2) Right click on the Desktops.aspx and choose Edit.

3) Let us assume the IP address of your Terminal Services Server is
In the Desktops.aspx find this line:

4) Now add this text to the end of that line: value="" (change the IP address to the one you require)

Your line should look like this:

5) Now just save the changes and try to open your TS Web Access page, you should see the IP address of your server already entered into the “Connect to:” field

How to set default preferred “Remote Desktop Size” on the TS Web Access Page.

By default TS Web Access page has “Full Screen” as a Remote Desktop Size. Administrators may want to change this to some different setting. If you want to do this follow these steps:

1) In the Desktops.aspx (see above how to find this file) find this part of the code:

2) Let us assume that you want to set 1024x768 as your default setting, in this case you have to delete attribute selected from the line containing FullScreen and add it to the line containing 1024x768

Your code should look like this:

3)Now just save Desktops.aspx file and check your TS Web Access page. It should look like this

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  1. Excellent- could you provide the steps to do the same for Server 2003?

  2. Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    There are a lot of guides on cistomizing Remote Desktop Web Connection (Windows 2003).

    For example:

    Or you can just google: customized remote desktop web connection