Thursday, 3 December 2009

Exchange 2010 PrepareSchema error.


Just want to share some of my experience installing Exchange 2010.
I was preparing the domain for Exchange 2010 and was trying to run the schema update (setup /PrepareSchema). But every time I was trying to run it I was getting the following error

Copying Setup Files . 5%
An error occured while copying file D:\\Setup\ServerRoles\Common\LPSetupUI.exe.
The error code was 5.

Search in Google did not give any information about this particular problem, so I was trying different possible solutions (replace source, check if all prerequisites are installed, etc). Eventually the solution came very easy. When I was getting the error I was trying to perform setup /PrepareSchema from the terminal session started as the console (mstsc -console), but when I started the same procedure from the actual console (from the keyboard on the server) it worked perfectly.

So here is the small tip, do not run schema preparation from the terminal session.

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