Thursday, 26 November 2009

Windows 7 the N and E version

Hi everybody,

Just want to share a small interesting thing about Windows 7. Few days ago I bought a new laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium N. I was wondering what “N” stands for, but did not have a chance to Google and read the explanation.

So, I installed all applications which I needed, including recent video codecs and Windows Media Player Classic. After that I have tried to run some *.wmv files, but the Windows Media Player Classic was saying “Cannot render…” I have tried to download and install more codecs, but it still was not working. After several tries I wanted to open the WMV files using Windows Media Player, but I could not find it on the system! And here comes the time for the “N” in the end of the operating system’s name. It turns out that “N” means that Windows Media Player is not included in this release of Windows 7 (because of the European Antimonopoly law) and you have to download it from the Microsoft website.

So, if you have version of Windows 7 with “N” in the end, you have to install the Windows Media Player manually.You can download all the required features from here

Regarding the Windows 7 E version. Those of you who read my article about the Internet Explorer in Windows 7, should remember that OEM version of Windows 7 will be delivered with no internet browser in Europe. So just for your information, this version is called Windows 7 E, and if you bought it, please do not panic when you cannot find Internet Explorer on your PC after you installed Windows 7 E :- )



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